janeiro 31, 2012

End of time

by Kami Zong
HAIR: Truth Gianna (marmalade)
SKIN: Pink Fuel Elly Sugar (pure)
SHIRT: Airhare Vintage 90s Louis Vuitton Pink Crewneck (pink) - NEW!
NECKLACE: Simplicite Gold Beaded Crowned Bear - NEW!
BANGLES: Simplicite  Gold Squared Off Bangles - NEW!
RING: Simplicite  Gold Spiked Cross Ring - NEW!
TATTOO: Public Enemy Shuriken Hand Tattoo - NEW!
BAG: Gok Pearl Drop Clutch Bag (nude) - NEW!
PANTS: Linc Tyra Jeans Skinny
SHOES: Simplicite  Defiance Boots Black Wood (brown leather) - NEW!

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