janeiro 31, 2012

End of time

by Kami Zong
HAIR: Truth Gianna (marmalade)
SKIN: Pink Fuel Elly Sugar (pure)
SHIRT: Airhare Vintage 90s Louis Vuitton Pink Crewneck (pink) - NEW!
NECKLACE: Simplicite Gold Beaded Crowned Bear - NEW!
BANGLES: Simplicite  Gold Squared Off Bangles - NEW!
RING: Simplicite  Gold Spiked Cross Ring - NEW!
TATTOO: Public Enemy Shuriken Hand Tattoo - NEW!
BAG: Gok Pearl Drop Clutch Bag (nude) - NEW!
PANTS: Linc Tyra Jeans Skinny
SHOES: Simplicite  Defiance Boots Black Wood (brown leather) - NEW!

janeiro 30, 2012

@Belote, @ASO ♥

by Kami Zong
HAIR: Truth Alison (marmalade)
SKIN: Pink Fuel Elly Sugar (pure)
BLAZER: Armidi Classic Pinstripe Blazer
BODY: Belote Bodysuit (black) -NEW!
SKIRT: Ison High Waisted Zipper Skirt (black)
BAG: Fleshtone The Black Satchel
BRACELET: Aso Leather Bracelet Cross -NEW!
SHOES:  Pixel Mode Baby T's Plain

janeiro 25, 2012

NEWS! Dura&Yulicie ♥

by Kami Zong

SHAPE: Dagga Kamilla Shape 
HAIR: Dura Girl 33 (sienna) - NEW!
SKIN: Pink Fuel Elly Sugar (pure)
SHIRT: Yulicie Behind The Rainbow (pink) - NEW!
PANTS:  Coco Denim Shorts - FREE!

SHAPE:  Dagga Kamilla Shape 
HAIR: Dura Boys&Girls 29 (sienna) - NEW!
SKIN:  Pink Fuel Elly Sugar (pure)
SHIRT: Yulicie Behind The Rainbow (white)  - NEW!
PANTS: Coco Denim Shorts - FREE!



janeiro 24, 2012

Tell me your news

by Kami Zong

SHAPE:  Dagga Chanel Shape -COMING SOON!
HAIR:  Truth Zaria (swedish)
SKIN:  Pink Fuel Elly Sugar (pure)
PULLOVER: Villena Panda Skull Pullover - NEW!
BAG:  Sensation Bag Executive (black) - NEW!
TIGHTS: Sheer Tights Torn (black)
BOOTS: Maitreya Radical Boots (black)

janeiro 21, 2012

Saturday Black

by Kami Zong

SHAPE:  Dagga Chanel Shape -COMING SOON!
HAIR: Truth Isla (oasis)
SKIN:  The body Orchid (medium)
LIPSTICK: Essences Part of Kandia Skin -FASHIONABLY LATE!
JACKET: Mr.Poet Bat Sleeve Knit Coat (black) -FREE!
DRESS: FashionVictim Be Cute Dress -NEW!
TIGHTS: Sheer Tights Torn (black)
BOOTS: Maitreya Radical Boots (black)

janeiro 20, 2012

I love it!

by Kami Zong

On Xandy Crawford (xandiin) :
HAIR: Drot The Tobi (snowflake)
HOOD: 7Style Hood (unisex) -RECENT!
COAT: C'est la vie Fair Isle Knit Cardigan (blue) -NEW!

On Kami (Me) :
SHAPE: Dagga Chanel Shape -COMING SOON!
SKIN:  The body Orchid (medium)
HOOD: Essences Unisex Winter Hat (navy)
HAIR: Sixty Nine Kim 02 (chestnut)
COAT: C'est la vie Fair Isle Knit Cardigan (navy) -NEW!
BAG: Priss Everyday Bag in Orange
BELT: Tea Time Belt Bullet (white) -NEW!
PANTS:  L.inc Tyra Jeans Skinny
SHOES: Anexx Ankle Bootee (brown)

janeiro 18, 2012

I'm back, baby...

by Kami Zong

HAIR: Vive9 Magda
SKIN:  The body Orchid (Medium)
PANTS: Imbue Highwaist Cutoffs (lightest)
BAG: Sensation Bag Executive (Bege) - NEW!
SHOES: Ricielli Carmelia Pumps

janeiro 15, 2012

Yes, Blah.

by Kami Zong

HAIR: Vive9 Bruna (Blonde)
SKIN:  the body Orchid (Medium)
DRESS: Blah My Peek-a-Boo Dress (Sexy Black) - NEW!
BAG:  Duh Little Black Clutch
TIGHTS: Izzies Patterned Tights II (Leopard) - Thanks
SHOES: Vive9 Xian Boots (Black)

janeiro 13, 2012

Purr ~

by Kami Zong

HAIR: Dura  31 Boy (Black) - NEW!
SKIN: the body Orchid (Medium)
GLASSES: Amd Big Shades (Noir)
JACKET:  C'est la vie knit cardigan with fur (black) - NEW!
PANTS: Cheerno Hayde Pants
BOOTS: Purrfect10 Aphrodite Boots (Black) - NEW!

janeiro 11, 2012

don't cry, don't cry...

by Kami Zong

HAIR: Dura 32 Girl (Dark Brown) - NEW!
SKIN: .Illusory. Skin Paige Warmth
JACKET: Aoharu NordicKnitCoat_Gray
TOP: Yulicie My Unicorn T-shirt - Gray (on Perfect Wardrobe) - NEW!
PANTS: L.inc Tyra Jeans Skinny
SHOES: Sensation Natasha - NEW!
POSES: Blah - NEW!

janeiro 03, 2012

Je sais que vous m'aimez.

by Kami Zong

SHAPE: - DAGGA - Nyandra Shape (modified) 
SKIN:  [PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure
HAIR: *booN YNO421 hair
GLASSES: (AMD) Big Shades - Cream
SHIRT: ISON - knitted grains sweater (tan)
BAG: ::C'est la vie!:: knit tote bag(black)  (NEW Release!) Thanks ♥
LEGGING: ISON - leather leggings (black)
SHOES: GoK- WedgeChogs Sand G (NEW Release!) Thanks ♥

Bla, Bla, Bla, Blah!

by Kami Zong

on Left:
SHAPE: - DAGGA - Nyandra Shape (modified) 
HAIR: *Dura-Girl*30 - (blonde)  (NEW Release!) Thanks ♥
SKIN:  [PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure
SHIRT: Blah. (My SweetHeart Pullover) - Caramel - | in Black Market |  (NEW Release!) Thanks ♥
PANTS: imbue. highwaist cutoffs {lightest}
BAG: LaGyo - the Desperado bag
SHOES: [PM] Pixel Mode : Luna :Leopard

on Right:
SHAPE: - DAGGA - Nyandra Shape (modified) 
HAIR:  *Dura-Girl*30 - (blonde)  (NEW Release!) Thanks ♥
SKIN:  [PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure
LINGERIE: Blah. (My Body Set) - Forever Flora - | in Black Market |   (NEW Release!) Thanks ♥
SHOES: ::HH:: Hucci D'Ann Pumps Coral  (Group Gift)

POSES: Blah. FWH Hunt   (NEW Release!) Thanks ♥