março 27, 2012

(BR)&GoK ♥

Dress: Br The Sensual Dress -NEW!
Shoes: Gok Spine Heels Black Reds -LIMITED COUTURE!

março 23, 2012

Blah, Zr ♥

TATTOO: Zr Only God Can Judge Me -GSP EVENT!
SHIRT: Blah. My Whatever Shirt -ZPC BRAND!
VEST: Blah My Masculine Vest -ZPC BRAND!
SKIRT: part of Blah My Moody Dress (jealousy) -NEW!

março 21, 2012

Come on with me.

HAIR: Fabulous Eve
MAKE UP: Tea Time Dark Make Up (dark blue black)  -GSP EVENT!
EARRING: Barcode Roots (gold) -NEW!
OUTFIT: Aso Spring -NEW!

março 19, 2012

new face, new life, new history...

EYES: Id Intense Eyes -GSP EVENT!
DRESS: Sticky Fingers My Latte Tee Dress -GSP EVENT!
NECKLACE: I<3Fashion Killer Necklace -GSP EVENT!
TATTOO: Fe Sailor Tattoo -GSP EVENT!
SHOES: Mstyle Goshi Pumps

março 16, 2012


HAIR: Truth Vanessa
EARRING: Aso Cross Antique Earring -NEW!
NECKLACE: Aso Cross Antique Necklace -NEW!
SHIRT: Part of Br The Lyly Dress -NEW!
SKIRT: Aso Spring Skirt -NEW!
SHOES: Mstyle Goshi Pumps

Sorry for not be posting often, I'm a little busy in my real life.

março 13, 2012

Primadonna Girl

HAIR: Vive9 Feuille in Ombre Tones
VARSITY: Villena Varsity Black - NEW!
PANTS: Holli Pocket  Dirty Jeans Unisex Blue - GSP EVENT!
BAG: Tea Time FoxyBag Dark - GSP EVENT!

março 11, 2012


HAIR: Lelutka - Adele
JACKET: Love Casual Blazer
DRESS: MichaMi - Leather Dress in Nude
BAG: Ricielli - Yuse Bag
SHOES: Mstyle Goshi Pumps

março 08, 2012

walking to the happiness

HAIR: Maitreya Lauren
SKIN: Mariko Taeyeon
SHIRT: Milk Motion Girly Sweater
SKIRT: Milk Motion Tie&Dye Skirt (mesh)
BAG: Priss Everyday Bag in Orange

março 06, 2012

#WCF 02

On Left:
HAIR:  Truth  Serena -  black & whites
SKIN: Al Vulo Alena Bad Girl Cacoa  - WCF EVENT!
EARRING: Phresh Untamed Earring  - WCF EVENT!
NECKLACE: Phresh Allure Necklace - WCF EVENT!
DRESS: Suicidal Kiss High Waist Dress - WCF EVENT!
SHOES: Red Grave Girls' Biker Boots

On Right:
HAIR: Leverocci Bextor
SKIN: Al Vulo Alena Good Girl Cacoa - WCF EVENT!
EARRING: Phresh Gossamer Earrings - WCF EVENT!
NECKLACES: Phresh Gossamer Necklace - WCF EVENT!
SHIRT: part of Gok Im Sexy and I know It Black Jumpsuit - NEW!
PANTS: Imbue Studded Dye Shorts - Paradise
SHOES: Maitreya Radical Boots (black)

março 04, 2012


On Left:
HAIR: Yulicie Angel Hair Black/Blond - GSP EVENT!
EYES: Id Alien Eyes  - GSP EVENT!
SKIN: Iren  Isy  - GSP EVENT!
TATTOO: Piccara Sex On Trial & Turn Me On Tattoos - GSP EVENT!
NECKLACE: Acide Entete (noir) - GSP EVENT!
SHIRT: part of Glue Ink Micky Mini Dress (gaga) - WCF EVENT!
SKIRT: Paperbag Leatheresque - WCF EVENT!
SHOES: Retro Fuck Me Shoes - GSP EVENT!

On Right:
HAIR: Lelutka RUSH Hair
SKIN: CandyDoll Naomi  - WCF EVENT!
PIERCING: Pekka Disturbed Ear Piercing Leopard - GSP EVENT!
TATTOO 1: Zr No Lies, Just Love - GSP EVENT!
SHIRT: Br The Miami Top - WCF EVENT!
TATTOO 2: Delusions More More More- WCF EVENT!
PANTS: Elygo Unisex Denim White - GSP EVENT!
SHOES:  Def Sneakers/Falsetto/Black White & Red - GSP EVENT!

POSES: Pekka Poses Clara for Grunge Soul Project - GSP EVENT!

março 02, 2012

my pornstar...

On Right:
HAIR: Lelutka Blythe hair
SKIN: Vershe Andrea Skins 2 - WCF EVENT!
BOMB: Retro Sexy Grenade - WCF EVENT!
TATTOO: Ept Drink Fight Fuck - WCF EVENT!
SHIRT: part of Alterego Pornstar - WCF EVENT!
SOCKS: part of Bts Down On Me - WCF EVENT!
GARTER: part of Alterego Pornstar - WCF EVENT!

On Left:
HAIR: Loq Ouzo Fat Pack
SKIN: Krasota WCF Gift Skin - WCF EVENT!
DRESS: Paperbag Bullet Proof - WCF EVENT!
SHOES: Purrfect10 Athena Black Leather & Lace Knee Boots - NEW!