fevereiro 29, 2012

#WCF 01

On Left:
HAIR: Dura Boys&Girls 31 (black)  - NEW!
SKIN: Twenty Skin Giulia  - WCF EVENT! #Open Tomorrow 01/03
JACKET: Ricielli  Alexandra Leather Jacket
DRESS: Aberrant Rocker Dress (Ramones) - NEW!
LEGGING: Ison  Leather Leggings (black)
SHOES: Purrfect10 Athena Black Leather & Lace Knee Boots - NEW!

On Right:
HAIR: Exile Veronique Autumn (fawn)
SKIN:  Envyme Sasha Fair & Shape - WCF EVENT! #Open Tomorrow 01/03
BODY:  Br The Spike Body  (black) - WCF EVENT! #Open Tomorrow 01/03
BAG: Scrub MultiSkin Pochette - WCF EVENT! #Open Tomorrow 01/03
SHOES: I <3Fashion Whore Boots  - WCF EVENT! #Open Tomorrow 01/03
POSE: Retro  pose #77 - WCF EVENT! #Open Tomorrow 01/03

Tomorrow starts the WFC event, with more than 20 designers. You need confer this event, the event starts  tomorrow 01/03 and finish 31/03. More Information visit

fevereiro 24, 2012


On Left:
HAIR: Elikatira Abbey Carrot Reds
EARRING: Barcode Dice Earrings - NEW!
SHIRT: Part of Iren Hold that Posy Mesh Dress - NEW!
PANTS: Imbue  Highwaist Cutoffs (lightest})
BAG:  Fleshtone  The Black Satchel
SHOES: Maitreya Radical Boots (black)

On Right:
HAIR: Magari Alyssa III fi*friday $55L - NEW!
JACKET: Ricielli Alexandra Leather Jacket (black)
DRESS: Paperbag Washed Up fi*friday $55L - NEW!
SHOES: Gok Cubic Chain Heels - NEW!


Hello, today i come to present the new skin of [IREN], is called Janine, I loved the skin, has many details and the mouth is perfect! Skin tones that are very beautiful. I hope you can see in the picture as it is perfect, in the IREN also sells the official shape of skin. The shape that I use I modified, enjoy.  {sorry my bad english}
Janine comes in 6 skintones, no brow option, freckles tattoo layer, 17 lipsticks, 7 eye makeups, 4 eyeliner, Blush, nonail option, cleavage as tattoo and clothing layer.

fevereiro 23, 2012


BOW: Y&R Big Bow Hairband #1L$
HAIR: Dura Girl30 (black) - RECENT!
SKIN: Mariko Jieun
SHIRT: Yulicie Polka-Dots (beige) - NEW!
SKIRT: Aso Dot Knit Skirt (brown) - RECENT!
BAG: Lelutka Cadmio Bag Old Gift
SOCKS: MaitreyaScrunched PrimSocks (beige)
SHOES: Maitreya Treaders Exclusive Old Gift

fevereiro 22, 2012


On Left:
HAIR: Love Bevel (natural black) - RECENT!
SKIN: Mariko Jieun
SHIRT: FashionVictim Friend with benefits dress - NEW!
CARDIGAN: Pumpkin Unbuttoned Cardigan (black) - RECENT!
BRACELET: Barcode Open Ring&Bangle (black) - RECENT!
PANTS: Paperbag Stonewashed Bow in Grey - NEW!
SHOES: Drd Loose Boots Buckles

On Right:
HAIR: Magari Lana (persimmon) - NEW!
SKIN: Mariko Jieun
EARRING: Barcode The City Earrings - NEW!
JACKET: Monso My Yagu Jacket (white) - NEW!
BAG: Cest la vie Gringe Leather Bag (black)
BRACELET: Barcode Beware Bangle (silver) - NEW!
BELT: Tea Time Belt Bullet (white) - RECENT!
PANTS: Belote Skinny Cuff  TGH #38 - HUNT!
BOOTS: Maitreya Radical Boots (black)

fevereiro 21, 2012

Like the first time

On Me (Kami):
HAIR: Dura Hair 06 (chestnut) - NEW!
SKIN: Mariko Jieun
SHIRT: Maitreya Boyfriend Shirt (white)
BAG: Tea Time Old Bag 500 Stuff in Stock - NEW!
LEGGING: Ison Leather Leggings (black)
SHOES:  Gok  Mesh Clark Boots (espresso) - NEW!

On Xandiin:
HAIR: Ego Tak (Noir)
Hood: Pumpkin Riding Hood (black)
Shirt: Pumpkin Unbuttoned Cardigan (black)
Jeans: Nsd Homme Jeans (light gray)
Shoes: Ubu Porn Star Lo Tops

fevereiro 20, 2012

You touch my heart baby...

On Right:
HAIR: Dura Boys&Girls 30 (dark brown) - NEW!
SKIN: Mariko Jieun
EARRING: Simplicite Gold Ultra Spiked Hoops - RECENT!
BAG: Simplicite Essentials Clutch (black) - RECENT!
DRESS: Paperbag Strappy Dress - NEW!
SHOES: Elikatira Move Pumps (clover)

On Left:
HAIR: Elikatira Over Carrot Reds
SKIN: Mariko Jieun
JACKET: Aoharu Short Riders Jacket
DRESS: Cest la vie Leopard Dress - NEW!
TIGHTS: Sheer Tights Torn Semi Opaque
SHOES: Drd Loose Boots

fevereiro 19, 2012

Seduction is your art

HAIR: Magari Alyssa (persimmon) - RECENT!
SKIN: Mariko Jieun
BODY: Maitreya Bodysuit (black)
SKIRT: Paperbag Sunset (purple) - NEW!
BAG: Duh Little Black Clutch
SHOES: Ricielli Carmelia Pumps (crema)

fevereiro 17, 2012

hug me once

HAIR: Burley Pippa (red04)
SKIN: Mother Gooses Lene
EARRING: Barcode Square'd Up (zebra) - NEW!
SHIRT: Blah My Sporty Shirt Free Hugs (stumblebum) - NEW!
BRACELET: Barcode Linked Up Bracelet (black) - NEW!
PANTS: Paperbag Studded Cutoffs (black) - RECENT!
FEET: Ncore Feet
SHOES: Pixel Mode Baby T's Plain
BAG: Fleshtone The Black Satchel

fevereiro 11, 2012

i'm back!

by Kami Zong

HAIR:  Magari  Alyssa II -RECENT!
SKIN: Mother Gooses Lene
NECK: Cest la vie Crochet Neck Wamer Heart (black) -NEW!
SHIRT:  Paperbag  Fav Sweatshirt -NEW!
PANTS:  Essences Black Cutoff
BAG:  Blah  My Pixel Leather Bag (dark brown) -NEW!
SHOES:  FashionVictim Hard Pumps Heels -NEW!

fevereiro 04, 2012

Give me love ~

by Kami Zong
Hello dears, first I ask apologize for little posting, I'm sick and so I'm not spending so much time on the computer. Then, I received several products that I really loved it! Soon I'll be posting them here, the Magari hair is very perfect, one more beautiful than the other - is going a sale of fatpack in store at the end of the post you can see talking about it - and I really loved. The new shoes from P10 is also gorgeous, the details of the flowers give a charm in the shoes, any girl loves. The accessories of the barcode can not stay out, are very beautiful! This rolling some hunts, you can see in the details. Kisses, Kami zong.

on Right:
HAIR: Magari Masha II (persimmon) - NEW!
SKIN: Pink Fuel Elly Sugar (pure)
EARRING: Barcode Recom Earrings (silver) - NEW!
PULLOVER: Villena Cotton Pullover - ZP HUNT!
LEGGING: Paperbag Neon Cat Jeggings (white) - NEW!
SHOES: Elygo Supra Sneakers

on Left: 
HAIR: Magari  Aubrey (persimmon) - NEW!
SKIN: Pink Fuel Elly Sugar (pure)
JACKET: Aoharu Bt Leather RidersVest (black)
TOP: Belote Hawt Top - Pink - NEW!
PANTS: Paperbag studded camo cutoffs  - NEW!
BAG: Blah My Pixel Leather Bag (white) - NEW!
SHOES: Purrfect10 Wild Rose Heels (burgandy) - NEW!

POSES: Blah Jack Or Jill Hunt Poses - JOJ HUNT!