agosto 20, 2012

want u back!

On Kami Zong:
Hair: Maitreya - Siobhan
Top: GoK- Dennim Slik Creme .NEW.
Legging: Paperbag - Lycra Jeggings
Shoes: ISON - Girl Panic Boots

On Fernando Pierre:
Hair: [Cheerno] - Hair Yalli
Hair Base : [Birth] - Spiral Hairbase
Skin:  FRUK - Lennon Skin
Shirt : AITUI - The Schofield
Pants : Cestar - Real Color
Shoes: Kapone - Fusion Boots

 Hello, I had some problems in my life. So, I couldn't use the computer. I hope you forgive me for my absence. Oh, now I belong to SL Style Academy.
 The Teshan invited me, and of course I accepted! I loved the invitation, Thanks Teshan!
Xoxo, Kami Zong.

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